Changes in communication policy

Since 2014 The BOOST and its affiliates have served a broad presence on different social media. The only very doubtful "value" derived by us from the maintenance of this communication was cleaning our feeds and mailboxes from exhausting spam and spending our time, intelligence, and efforts to create content for the vanity fair crowded by useless, meaningless content and the same kind of audience. Being a part of this massive flooding circulation of big data over-endowed with stupid, dull, or offensive materials doesn't comply with our code of Ethics and doesn't support our values.

The last drop was the suspension of our CEO account linked to the business profiles on Facebook due to the publication of "non-compliant content." As long as Facebook has an extended rendering of its "strict" policies, publications of the content also include such things as "take actions that are spam or can be interpreted as a spam."

We assume that this account suspension could be a result of the new website environment testing when the links mentioned on the websites of our business community including those redirected to our social media profiles were clicked. Presumably, Facebook could recognize this beta-testing activity as "spam."

The second issue that could be recognized as "violated content" probably was a publication about the murder of a worker at the warehouse processing goods sold at the Familia retail. Raevskaya-Repnina has written on her page dedicated to the wretched business practice the story about that.

And finally - for the last two weeks, we were tired to claim many times non-stop fraudulent advertising of the prepared takeaway harmful food presented to customers as "healthy" and "right." Maybe, these claims were also considered as an inappropriate content.

Maybe, Facebook expects we shall love all the bullshit intensively distributed through it.

We write - "assume" and "presumably" - because after the blocking account of our CEO and founder Raevskaya-Repnina, and the capture of our control over 90 pages on Facebook related to all our businesses - Facebook didn't provide any explanations about that fact.

Very strange that at the same time advertising that contains fraudulent information showed to the audience more than ten times per day even after cancellation and claiming against that commercial isn't considered as spam by Facebook and not deleted.

We suspend that compliance with the law for Facebook is just the question of price.

However, at the same time since our existence, any claims against fraudulent advertising on Facebook, scam, spam, and offensive content, and hardcore security issues that we have - for example hacking of our accounts and even messengers - weren't processed by Facebook according to its declared policy.

This "small" inconsistency leading to the law outrage and violation of human rights by Facebook makes it impossible for us to do business on Facebook and use Facebook tools (e.g., advertising) that illegally capture, collect, and capitalize personal data and sensitive information. Violence, fraud, discrimination, cyber-attacks, kindling hatred are very welcomed and treated as supported behavior on Facebook.

That's unacceptable for us to be a part of that wrongdoings promoting community.

For many years, Facebook didn't ban the distribution of prohibited materials, including advertising or supporting of drugs consumption, materials that containing extremist content, porno content, discrimination by nation, gender, offensive comments and publications about Russia and its government, and other types of absolutely inappropriate abhorrent content incongruous with the healthy, digital online environment to create which Facebook has pretended.

We don't want to be a part of the community promoting improper business practices where legally compliant activity is banned.

We don't share neither Facebook's judgment on doing business nor double-sided "values" and "ethics."

Since April 28th, 2021, we cut back all communications and internet presence of our business on social media targeting to eliminate that in full by the end of 2021. All content created by us will be available on our website only.

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