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Tired reading of long stupid books? No time for a review of professional literature? Visit our comics strip-in-progress to get inspiration, industrial and professional insights in graphic form. Easy to read - easy to remember - easy to use - free of charge. And this is not the book value question.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


Your time is limited. On the way to your prosperity, consider that one of the most precious things in your life is your time. There is a gazillion of great read that is available in paperback and kindle edition form. Many books are available for download, and you can get them in less than no time. However, first, not all books are written by competent people. You know, many losers use the way to write the book to reanimate the name that doesn't cost even a penny on the market of professional competence and get access to extensive search engine indexing. These books are written not for us, for readers. They were written by their authors for their authors pursuing the target to gain glory, increase personal brand awareness, solve other personal tasks of authors. The authors' objectives and expectations of their audience are as different as chalk from cheese. These "creepy advice books" can be bestsellers, but following that, you can destroy your business. Competence that makes it possible to get success in business and talented writing at the same time, can be mastered by a few people. These people usually don't have a lot of time to write books. Or one or another. The second is that almost the same, but from another angle. People whose writing deserves to be read don't have time to write. And on the opposite - you don't have time to read all the good books. Audiobooks can't replace the printed text because your cognitive system treats that differently, and you absorb information differently. Our business is alternative investments, not book writing. However, we don't consider the external world as a hostile environment infested by competitors. We are sharing all that we know about the market in the form of the graphic novel, pictures containing snap-shot lighting the parts of the routine investment business as far as at all can be "routine," considering the sense of alternative investing. Follow our feed to get the investment inspiration, raise your mood, and the express-advice if you need that.